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14 December 2011 @ 05:28 am
It's like 5:19AM right now, and I'm STILL typing this essay that's due at 2:20PM today. Basically, this essay is kicking my ass. It really wouldn't be a probably if I didn't have to write so many pages I mean how am I suppose to come up with 5 pages about why this guy doesn't like his hands, it's very simple. SMH, but once I'm done with this essay, THAT'S IT FOR ME AND THIS SEMESTER WOOO!

@toki-d0ki (‘:
So what are my plans once I get done. I'm going to chipotle get me either a burrito or a bowl (which ever I feel like) and then I'm coming home to watching Running man re-runs (sobs ;~;). Sounds like a nice plan, eh? Well that's if everything goes to plan of course...it might not. Nothing ever goes my way (but who am I to complain).

Now that break is start for everyone, what are your plans for over the break?
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you can see him do it at around 1:20 and he does it again towards the end

then someone noticed that Miss A did it too in their Breathe MV around :44 seconds.

I love that everyone is cay daddying over there but I'm just gonna wait for Taeyang to do it. Because you know how he is with american dances.....speaking which here's a bonus:
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04 May 2011 @ 06:25 pm
Genre: Fluff
Pairing: Onkey
Rated: G

Author Notes: Lame title is lame. My first Onkey fanfic. :D Sorry if it's fail T_T I'll try to do better next time...

"Ah Kibum, can I have a sip?"Collapse )
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